Demand and Competition

This week’s lesson has taught me a little about Demand and Competition and in using the Google Ad Words Tool to determine both the Demand and Competition in a particular market.  I also read Business Models on the Web  and BizThoughts Brainstorming Business Ideas. These articles taught me about choosing a business model for an online business and brainstorming ideas to of a web based business. 

There was also a third article listed called Russell Brunson and his Secret Magic Box that I really found interesting.  In fact I brought it up a few times in our class online discussion board.  Russell‘s video talks about ways to increase traffic, conversions and sales online.  He has a product called Click Funnels and while I think there is a lot of hype in his product and overpriced, it holds some marketing tips that are true.  He teaches how to create sales funnels that convert.  Funnels that help you to generate leads, and grow your email subscriber list, webinar and auto webinar funnel, and sales funnels that allow you to sell your products, add upsells, downsales and more!  

I began to think about some ideas and products for my online business that I could be successful with and came up with four already. I’ll share these in a upcoming posts after I have a chance to think about things a bit more.


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